1st 180N Spring Webinar 2021

Join us for the first webinar with updates and results from the ongoing consortium projects!

Time: May 7th 10:00 – 12:00


Title Presenter
Welcome Tone Frost Bathen
PET/MRI in radiotherapy Kathrine Røe Redalen
Diagnostic assessment of amino acid PET/MRI in the evaluation of brain metastases Silje Kjærnes Øen
PSMA-PET of prostate cancer – current status of WP1 Ingerid Skjei Knudtsen
Radionuclide targeted therapy & imaging in Glioblastoma Mathias Kranz
On the synthesis of new radiotracers Yngve Guttormsen
Development of novel radiotracers for the imaging of the adenosine A2B receptor in cancer by PET Marcel Lindemann
Radiometal based on 45Ti for PET imaging Tamal Roy
Production parameters for 45Sc(p,n)45Ti Chubina Kumaranthanan & Unni Kvitastein
From antipsychotics to PET precursors Sara Barranco Campos
Closing Remarks Rune Sundset

Published April 16, 2021